Update from Joe Todd, Managing Director at Glenlyn Medical Centre

Following a number of recent improvements and the introduction of new ways of working, we have identified a need to make some changes to our practice team.

This follows changes to how we work and how we use technology – for example through a significant increase in the number of online requests we receive and other advances such as an increase in the number of virtual appointments, where some patients prefer to have these by phone or online in the comfort of their own homes.

These improvements, which are helping to increase access to our services and improving experiences and choice for our patients, coupled with the introduction of many new roles at the practice – including pharmacists, first contact practitioners for musculoskeletal conditions, advanced nursing and paramedic practitioners and paediatric nurses – mean that we are working differently and, more efficiently to help people get the care they need from the right healthcare professional.

Many of these improvements are outlined in the NHS national Primary Care Recovery Plan and, as we have started to work differently, we have needed to re-look at our staffing so we are aligned to deliver services in this new way.

We appreciate any change can feel worrying for patients but I would like to reassure patients that, by taking advantage of the wider team, and the wealth of experience and skills we now have at the practice, we will still be offering the same level of service, just in a different way, so people will still be able to access the services they need from us, when they need them.

Published on 8 January 2024