Give feedback (Friends and Family Test)

We'd like to know what you think of Glenlyn Medical Centre, and the experience you've had using our services.

This is sometimes called ‘Friends and family feedback’ and you may have been directed here by someone at the practice.

Past results from September 2023

Thank you to the almost 400 people took the time to tell us what they think of the service. There was a mixture of positive & constructive comments, here are some common themes in the feedback: Positive Feedback: Quick & efficient service for flu jabs. Friendly, helpful staff of all types. Well-organized processes for appointments, vaccinations etc . Positive interactions with specific healthcare professionals Negative feedback around the tech we use to communicate with you

The most common questions you asked and we said

There was concern expressed around GP staff turnover

We have had a number of GPs on maternity leave or long-term sick. Most, if not all of these will return to the practice in 2024, so in between times, you will continue to have access to high quality care from the Advanced Care Practitioners and other GPs.

Difficulties in accessing appointments

Appointments are a finite resource, and all requests are now triaged to ensure that you are seen by the most appropriate clinician. This may not always be the one you've expressed a preference for, but is in line with wider NHS practice. All our staff are specifically trained and experienced in managing the care of people in our community and seeing a advanced care practitioner, practice nurse, HCA or pharmacist for your problem will have been assessed and will be what you need.

Some issues with the clarity of signage and directions within the medical centres

Due to the wider array of professionals who now provide care in practice, much of the old signage was out of date or misleading. We are working hard to ensure that signage reflects the current situation.

Past results from March 2024